Life in Color: Discovering SF Architecture

By Kendall Herman

Born and bred on the East Coast, I have long been enamored of the brownstones of Boston and Brooklyn Heights. Their historical character and neighborhood charm have been, to me, unrivaled by even the most regal estates and sleek modern towers. But on a recent trip to San Francisco, the technicolor city streets tempted me away from my stately brick-and-cobblestone dreams, and had me craving a life within a candy colored abode.

Just as my personality softened with the Northern California weather, my taste for architecture became lighter and brighter. Quirky design that I'd consider kitschy in New York suddenly had me captivated. I found that when the buildings around me didn't take themselves too seriously, neither did I. It's a lifestyle I could get used to.

Since IKB is located on both coasts, I was lucky enough to spend time in our San Francisco office. Though there was great comfort in sharing a table with the same team I work with remotely when back in New York, the graffiti mural splashed outside the office (reading "California," no less) is another reminder that our city's personalities manifest into very different styles.

My lifelong dream to own a brownstone has not faded, but visions of coming home to a sunny yellow townhouse have become almost as vivid. 

Why not? The future is bright.