New York Office Renovation

“We deal every day in so many images and materials and mock-ups that we wanted a white space for our eyes to be able to rest. It’s like being in a white cloud after spending a day battling Manhattan.” – Tom Kligerman IKB began in 1988 as a four-person firm in our current space renting desks from Fulton & Partners, an established industrial design firm. The entire 11th floor was an architecture, industrial, interior design coop. As successive firms came and went over the past thirty years we continued to grow by amassing small chunks of space. Finally, in 2015 we began a complete renovation where the office was reduced back to the raw industrial loft it began as in 1929 as the mixed-use headquarters of publishing giant McGraw Hill. Hallways were created along the western window wall and the core creating “islands” of work space defined by 4’ high sheetrock partitions. The existing structural column grid of the building was absorbed in the islands. Duct work, sprinkler pipes, and surface lighting were all exposed and integrated with the plaster covered steel beam ceilings. Everything was then sprayed white, everything... ceilings, ductwork, floors and walls. The entry walls were covered with Joel Barkley’s architectural watercolors hung in antique gallery style floor to ceiling. Our ---- walnut bookshelves were reassembled on two walls of our new large conference room creating a central library and conference area. The firm’s collection of twentieth century chairs and furniture were utilized throughout the office to create intimate seating and meeting areas. The firm’s collection of large beaux arts style renderings is hanging throughout the office giving this workspace a decidedly residential feel reflecting the primary nature of the office’s work.

Darren Bradley