Chicken Coops

By Molly Denver

Spring is here and I’ve added a new task to my already rather long To-Do list. I need to build a chicken coop. I have some good friends who run Snowdance Farm in Livingston Manor, NY, and they told us that they rent out chickens for the summer to people who want to raise chickens but not to commit to dealing with chickens over the winter. After reading up on raising chickens, coops, chicken diseases (pasty butt is actually something young chicks can die from), we are ready to try it out. Now, I can buy a coop from Tractor Supply, or even Williams Sonoma, but I’m an architect. That seems wrong to not design my own. Behold, my inspiration images.

Apparently, interior design must be considered as well.

I studied rabbit hutches for good measure.

This one is my favorite. And the main inspiration for my coop.

Unfortunately, those same chicken-renting friends brought a baby lamb to my house last weekend and now I want one.