French Interior Designers

By Margarita Rael

To kick off 2019 feeling inspired, in this blog I have included 3 French interior designers whose work we like to turn to for inspiration. All three are well known for their attention to light, volumes and details, transforming the spaces they work on to be contemporary and elegant.

Pierre Yovanovitch

Pierre Yovanovitch founded his firm in 2001 after a successful career as a menswear designer for Pierre Cardin. Yovanovitch merges high art, vintage furniture, and architectural elements to create a refined yet humble space.

 His eye for volume and proportions as well as his ability to update a historic space to fit a contemporary lifestyle is what sets him apart from other designers.

An expert in 20th century furniture, Pierre Yovanovitch combines his love of vintage Scandinavian design and American design with his own custom-made pieces.

An avid art collector himself, Yovanovitch incorporates contemporary art in his designs and spaces. 

François Champsaur

François Champsaur was born in Marseille and his work is influenced by his Mediterranean roots. After acquiring experience working with Christian Liaigre, Champsaur opened his own Interior Architecture firm.

Champsaur transforms any space while considering every aspect of design from architectural angle to the last detail. In his designs he plays with light and volume and completes his designs with contemporary, elegant furniture and materials.

He loves natural light, simple materials and clean lines from which he draws a sense of serenity. His upbringing in the south of France shines through in his work and choices of color. His style is described as discreet, comfortable luxury where the focus is on expression of the contemporary art of living.

Joseph Dirand

Joseph Dirand’s love for minimalist architecture, precise, clear vocabulary and detail is evident in his work. He plans his projects as both environmental and architectural endeavors. 

Dirand’s skill of infusing light and space into his work has brought him commissions from a range of fashion houses and designers, including Chloe, Pucci, Balman, Rock Owens and Alexander Wang.