If So, What?

By Louis Lin

Although IKB is mostly known for its work on private residences, we sometimes venture on projects of a much different nature. Last year, our Interiors department was corralled into partnership with a group of art enthusiasts with a mission to redefine the contemporary art scene in the digital age. IF SO, WHAT? is a hybrid of an art fair and music festival, enshrouding its visitors in immersive experiences of virtual reality, augmented reality, video-mapping, and other interactive installations. The event took place last week (April 26th to 29th, 2018) in San Francisco, at the Palace of Fine Arts. 

Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco

IKB sponsored in the way we know how- space planning, co-developing the exhibition design with Team ISW.  


Large-scale interactive installation featuring works of Marpi, JD Beltran and Scott Minneman. See video.

The California Institute of Arts featured their projection-mapping work on a Porsche, who sponsored the event not only with a car for artistic experimentation, but also transportation for VIP guests. See video.

"Futuristic Table" by Label Dalbin. See video

A Workshop teaching visitors how to create artworks via Artificial Intelligence and machine learning with Jamaican-born interaction artist and designer Gary Boodhoo via Codame. 

During the day, speakers from the field of art, design, and innovation held panel discussions on the future of art. At night, against the phantasmagorical backdrop, music programs with DJs of different music genres spanning from jazz to electronic funk turned the venue into an immersive nightclub.

A particularly interesting exhibit by Nick Lynch features art in augmented reality. One can appreciate the artwork only in the headset. The art is transient and transportable. See video.

A cryptocurrency-inspired installation by Kevin Abosch. Guess how much it sold for?! See Business Insider article to find out!

Harvey Moon uses robotic drawing machine to create unique artworks

3D-printed Textscape by Hongtao Zhou

Motion-activated fauna and flora by Dominic Harris. See video.

This concludes the inaugural show by team IF SO, WHAT?. The fair is planning to expand on a global scale, with the prospect of connecting the art and tech communities worldwide in hopes of forging a universal platform for innovation of art and design. You may be able to experience IF SO, WHAT? in your city fairly soon. Stay tuned!