Jethro Coffin House Reimagined

By Ike Kligerman Barkley

A group of NYSID students designed two rooms in the Jethro Coffin House, the oldest house on Nantucket, for Nantucket by Design, a festival of design taking place this week, organized by the Nantucket Historical Association

The house was built in 1686 as a wedding gift to Jethro Coffin and his new bride Mary Gardner from their fathers. Jethro's grandfather, Tristram Coffin, was one of the original English proprietors who settled on Nantucket in 1659.  Mary was the daughter of Captain John Gardner, who led a revolt against the proprietors.  A Romeo and Juliet-esque couple, their union and the building of their house seemed to smooth the differences between the formerly feuding families. 

It was unusual for such a young couple to live alone - as opposed to with their parents -and the saltbox house was likely the biggest on island at the time. 

Under the direction of dean Ellen Fisher, BFA students Faith Hoops and Emily Kent designed a "honeymoon" bedroom for the house’s original owners, Jethro Coffin & Mary Gardner.

Bedroom designed by Faith Hoops and Emily Kent

MFA-1 students Toma Elka and Larissa Moutrier designed the living room around the concept of the “vagabond soul," a feeling of cultural exploration and the passing of time inspired by the historic context of the house.

Living room designed by Toma Elka and Larissa Moutrier

Living Room Install

"Before Image" | Museum Installation

We were honored to sponsor such impressive young talent in their re-imagining of this historical house. 

All Photographs courtesy of New York School of Interior Design