By Molly Denver

One of my roles here at Ike Kligerman Barkley is to set up educational opportunities. In addition to just wanting to learn and needing to stay abreast of developments in our field, those of us with architectural licenses have a continuing education requirement for every license we hold. Additionally, those of us that are LEED accredited (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, aka “green” building) have even more continuing education requirements.

Diagram of LED lights color temperatures  

That is where the Lunch-n-Learn comes in. Usually, I either contact a company, or they contact me and offer to teach us a bit about what they specialize in. Over the past year, we have learned about lighting, concrete, wood flooring, audio video systems, plumbing, accessibility, geotechnical engineering, pneumatic elevators, and the list goes on! This coming week, we are learning the Secrets of Automation- and I hadn’t realized there were secrets to learn! 


Diagrams of different wood cuts 

A Pneumatic (Vacuum) Elevator 

The lunch-n-learn is an opportunity to go a little more in depth on the topics we deal with daily, while getting a chance to step away from our desks for an hour and have a lunch with colleagues. You can read up on laminated timber columns on your own, or you can attend a lunch-n-learn on that same subject and be able to ask questions, hold samples in your hands, and make a connection with someone in that industry.

ADA Accessible Diagram for a drinking fountain

Drilling for soil borings