March Material Madness

By Elizabeth Sesser

I thought I would take the opportunity to highlight a few materials that we love for this week’s journal entry. As we are a part of so many different styles of projects taking place all over the country, we are always looking for new materials to enhance our spaces. These next three are finds that we have been able to use in different ways for different homes.

Firebox Tile by Ruth Frances Greenberg

Ruth Frances Greenberg is known for her amazing detailed and hand crafted ceramic tiles and murals. Some of her more recent work includes the development and patent of fireproof tiles for inside your fireplace. A beautiful option to replace your regular old firebrick! Also, everything is 100% made in the USA!

RFG Offers 16 different colored and finish glazes

A custom fireplace

A custom fireplace with RFG tile

Barn in the City

Barn in the City, based in Amsterdam, has been sourcing reclaimed barn wood throughout their region and turning it into a modern material that can be used for furniture or decorative paneling. We have used this material to make dining tables, doors, and hopefully next, shower wall paneling. The barn wood is kept natural, colored, or metal coated and then fished with a resin type layer to not only keep it safe but give it a very contemporary feel. We are in love with all this product can be! Did I mention they can even make full bathroom vanities out of this material, including the sink!

Electric Blue Coffee Table with Metal base

Detail of finished material used as table tops

Example of material used for shower wall panels

Lance Woven Leather

The founders of Lance Woven Leather spent 25 years developing premium leather goods for high end fashion houses. In 2011 they entered the world of home interiors. Now weaving materials suitable for pillows, furniture, wall paneling and even flooring; they offer a wide range of patterns, colors and textures that we can’t get enough of!

Woven Leather Pillow Covers

Bench in “Argyle” Pink

Woven Floor Coverings