Summer House Essentials

By Ross Padluck

With the height of the summer season upon us, summer Fridays conjure up thoughts and anticipation of an early escape from the city to a tranquil weekend retreat.


 Whether you’re heading out East this summer, to the Vineyard or up to the Catskills, there are some key essentials to look for whether you're renting, renovating or building a summer home. 

When I think about what makes for a great summer house, an abundance of big windows is high on the list. 

Bands of windows, corner windows, and windows on multiple exposures help carry cool breezes across rooms and through the house.

Not to mention help frame phenomenal views.

A light and restrained materials palette is also essential for a creating a great summer space. 

Bleached oak, white plaster, and luxurious white fabrics help create the ultimate summer escape that’s comfortable, casual, and elegant. 

Combining natural woods with beautiful and unique fabrics make for relaxing environments perfect for the summer weather.

Nothing welcomes summer like a spacious, well-appointed screen porch. 

These outdoor living spaces can play host to summer parties, casual dining, and relaxing afternoons in the shade. A wood burning fireplace is great for cool evenings and extending the season into the spring and autumn. 

Happy Summer!