The Chapel at Sea Ranch

By Samantha Herzog

Part of my job is help source inspiration for potential and upcoming projects.  For most of our projects in California, my search leads me back to the Chapel at Sea Ranch.

The full exterior of the Chapel at Sea Ranch.

Built by Architect and Artist James Hubbel, the chapel took 9 months to construct, with the help of local artisans and craftsmen. 

Stained glass window looking out the rear of the Chapel.

Dried and moulded redwood siding makes up the exterior of the building and local stone is used on both exterior and interior walls as well as the courtyard. Cedar shingles with copper accents cover the roof, all topped with an unusual bronze spire. 

An aerial view of the chapel's incredible roof.

The entrance to the Chapel.

Mosaics, stained glass, and hand-carved redwood benches are sprinkled throughout the interior.  

Inside the Chapel is lined with redwood and local stone, as well as Hubbel's whimsical stained glass door.

From it's completion in 1985, the non-denominational sanctuary has been open to the public 365 days a year.