Verre Eglomisé

By Molly Denver

Sometimes when you work in this business, you come across a product or an idea that you really want an opportunity to use in a project.  You can't force it- you just have to bide your time until the right client and project come along.  A few years ago, I discovered Verre Eglomisé.

Verre Eglomisé is the process of gilding precious metals on the reverse side of glass, etching in a design and setting it off with color.  It is a very old technique dating back to the Pre-Roman era. It’s name is derived from a 18th Century French decorator, Jean Baptise Glomy (1711 – 1786) who was responsible for it’s re-popularization. The materials and technique used today are exactly the same as Jean Baptise Glomy had developed.


The end result of the eglomisé process is to make the piece look old. It is not a mass produced automated process, so it will vary in clarity and character.

The front of the Eglomisé is simply glass. The layering of materials is what makes the use of gold so enticing. Light fixtures with gold accents, sideboards with inlaid details, chair frames gilt in gold leaf. Aged or patinated, the reflection of a gold timeliness finish softens the lines of any piece of furniture.